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(Travel Bloggers, Youtubers, Instagramers, Tiktokers, Twitters)

Your media channels and content must be relevant to culture, adventure, nature, food or festival (CANFF) to obtain accreditation.
Media channels focusing on non-travel-related subjects will not be considered.
Your media channels must already be in existence for at least six months and must have made regular and relevant contributions.
High visibility with a reach of at least 3,000 visitors per month is required.
High visibility and a relevant reach of the following ‘travel-related’ social media channels can also lead to successful accreditation:

YouTube:     10,000 subscribers
Instagram:    10,000 followers

TikTok:         10,000 followers

Facebook:    2,000 likes

Twitter:          2,000 likes

Your ‘Media Kit’ in PDF format must include the corresponding proof, statistics and other relevant data such as Google Analytics or Statify (screenshot of unique visitors, page impressions and duration of visits). The name of the account and the date of the screenshot must be visible.


RWMF Media Centre

Sarawak Tourism Board