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Land of the Hornbills

The Culture
of Sarawak

It has been described as Asia’s best kept secret. Now the secret is out. Sarawak is a place for history, mystery, romance and exotic adventures. The land of the fabled white Rajahs, the hornbills and the orang utans.

Its rainforest houses the world’s richest and most diverse ecosystem. The ancient virgin forest is also home to 27 ethnic groups with their own distinct language, culture, and lifestyle. Their ancient cultures may differ but they have one thing in common, their warmth and hospitality.

After all, “Selamat Datang”, “Selamat Datai”, are some of the different ways to say welcome in the many languages of Sarawak.

Arrive in Sarawak and you step into adventure. You can stroll for a morning in the national park near your hotel, or you can trek through pristine jungle, or spend days exploring the world’s most extensive cave system.

If history thrills you, visit caves that were inhabited 40,000 years ago, learn how Indian and Chinese merchants traded for Sarawak’s exotic products centuries before the first Europeans came here. Hear stories of princes and pirates, of headhunters and explorers.

But if that is more excitement than you need, relax on our beaches on the South China Sea, scuba dive off reefs where you will be alone with the sea, or just enjoy a round of golf on one of our excellent courses. Sarawak has something for everyone and a welcome for all.

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