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Asia food Kitchen 2017 Sarawak Culinary logo The Food and Village Mart at RWMF 2017 is managed by Borneo TruEvents Sdn Bhd.  This area is now called Asia Food Kitchen.

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Borneo Tru Events (BTE) and Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) have joined forces this year and it’s going to be bigger, better and bolder festival!


A gastronomic adventure like no other, Asia Food Kitchen (AFK) delivers authentic Asian food without having to buy those plane tickets!

Cooking its way into Rainforest World Music Festival (RMWF) 2017, AFK promises a wide selection of local and international Asian cuisines to fill your stomach and make the party something to remember. There is something for everyone at the festival this year; from scrumptious fried snacks to bowls of savoury goodness and of course, freshly served ice-cream to cool you down in the July sun!



AFK is more than just food – it is about culture and people. Welcoming Executive Chefs and restaurant owners from EATOF Member Countries to join the incredible adventure, what better way to tell the world about Asia’s refined cuisines than to showcase culinary skills and talents at EATOF Park – a unique picnic experience where we have three goals; to eat, to learn and to celebrate the colours and flavours of Asia. Indulge into the world of Asian cooking as EATOF Park hosts cooking demonstrations to show you what a little spice can do to your dish. It will turn the most humble of foodies into connoisseurs.

Asides from EATOF Park, the brand is collaborating with local eateries and hawker buffs to feature local delicacies and dishes to further refine our pride and passion in getting the people together through food and good music.



The game is changing this year at the AFK Food Mart area; allure your senses with our Grab-n-Go menu, from Buffalo wings to tortilla wraps and baked pasta, then satisfy your sweet tooth with freshly served ice cream, chilled fruits and a selection of home-made pastries which you can enjoy with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Items are priced RM20 and below so you can splash out a lot more!

The food marts are located opposite Orang Ulu Longhouse and Iban Longhouse with a seating area and an entertainment zone for our buskers and festival clowns to light up your night!



Sarawak Culinary Adventure (SCA) takes you into the world of ethnic cuisines at RWMF 2017 after its success during the first ever SCA launch last year. Delve into the beauty of Bidayuh, Chinese and Kayan cuisines through exciting workshops, cooking demonstrations and savour the choice of kuih-muih available for sale – a discovery you won’t want to miss!

Kino Live Heritage Kitchen (KHLK) is KINO magazine coming alive to promote and preserve our culinary heritage. ‘HANDS UP or HANDS ON’, KLHK has been doing cooking  workshops since January 2015, offering locals and visitors the opportunity to enjoy preparing dishes that are well or less known of our multiple and diverse culinary cultures.

Take a walk around the festival and stop off at the Bidayuh Baruk and Chinese Farmhouse to immerse into the wonders of ethnic cooking.



Drinkhaus is the official beverage vendor at RWMF 2017 offering mineral water, soft drinks and cold beers & stout straight from the tap, plus a luxurious selection of wines, cocktails and fruit soju.

A great festival is always paired with a cold drink – visit the Lakeside Cabana the comfort of Lay Bags with a chilled drink in your hand, or get your perfect brew at Dewan Lagenda with a balcony view of the festival. Asides from these locations, there are other Drinkhaus stalls situated around the festival for your convenience and enjoyment.



A true festival experience is about taking the festival vibes home – either on your body or in your bag!

Treat your body to a traditional massage by Maoh and be part of the tribe with temporary ink from Borneo Airbrush Tattoos; DHYANAA is back with Mandala garments and souvenirs, from pants to tapestries, and take home a truly Sarawakian memento – a beautiful sape from M&M Heritage Sape handcrafted by the master himself, Matthew Ngau.

The new Bidayuh Baruk will be hosting The Tribal Borneo Tattoo Expo 2017, organised by Skrang Tattoo Studio, and features artists from regions of Sarawak, Thailand and as far as Italy to promote the tattoo culture. Traditional hand-tapped tattoos are part of the Borneo tattooing culture and until today, it remains to be a sought-after way of inking one’s skin. Want to see how it is done? Visit the expo and see for yourself.